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Clear Unneeded and Inflammable Vegetation with Our Los Angeles Professionals

To begin removing flammable debris, leave it to Father & Son Tree Service. We specialize in complete and professional brush clearance. Perhaps you have trees or superfluous vegetation that have drawn pests, wildlife and the risk of fires that you’d like eradicated immediately. If so, contact our brush clearing professionals. We use innovative technology to efficiently clear unwanted, risky vegetation and debris. From tree stumps to boulders, we remove a variety of obstructions with our specialized equipment. Choose our Los Angeles brush clearing company to begin the process.

Why Hire Us for Brush Clearing?

Think a pair of gardening gloves and morning motivation can get you to clear your land of brush? Rethink that. Father & Son Tree Service advises that you lean on a professional for brush clearance in Los Angeles since clearing vegetation involves:

  • Trees, boulders and heavy obstructions
  • Heavy machinery
  • Poisonous plants
  • Safety
  • Resources for cleanup
  • Time
  • Decomposition of brush

Maintaining the appearance and health of your plot of land matters. To avoid the time-consuming and taxing toil of vegetation cleanup, hire Father & Son Tree Service. Our brush clearance procedure involves thinning out vegetation to minimize the risk of fires. There have been instances where lands have run rife with unmanaged flammable vegetation, posing great risks to a community. Our brush clearance professionals in California are here to address the dense vegetation, from poisonous shrubs to overgrown inflammable plants.


Trim or Remove Trees and Shrubs
I hired Father and Son Tree Service to trim and cut down my large pine trees. They also trim palm trees, oak tree, citrus trees, and flower trees for my home. They do a professional and beautiful job at everything they do.

Nancy Q

Remove a Tree Stump
I have know Melisio the owner of the company since 2017. He has done numerous landscaping jobs for me. Hardworking and dedicated person who is trustworthy and you donâ t feel like heâ s trying to swindle you. I highly recommend him for ALL YOUR TREE REMOVAL AND LANDSCAPING JOBS.

Caroline S

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